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    • Duration: 00:20:09
    • Publication Date: 1/13/17
    • Revision Date: 12/28/17
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    • Presenters: Patrick A. Smith, MD, Christopher Adams, MD, David Schmidt, MD, Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, MD
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BreakThrough™ with Christopher Adams, MD - Episode 5: Anterolateral Ligament Augmentation with ACL Reconstruction

Arthrex® presents the fifth episode of the BreakThrough™ program with Christopher Adams, MD featuring ACL Reconstruction with (ALL) Anterolateral Ligament Augmentation for the sports surgeon. It is an open discussion program with leading surgeons that explores how emerging innovations in technology are creating exciting new surgical techniques for orthopedic surgeons. Joining host Christopher Adams, MD, are in-studio guests Patrick Smith, MD, (Columbia, MO), Bertrand Sonnery-Cottet, MD, (Lyon, France) and David Schmidt, MD, (San Antonio, TX). They will share their experiences and discuss anterolateral ligament augmentation with ACL reconstruction.