Commitment to Product Security

Arthrex strives to design and develop secure products by following the Secure Product Development Framework (SPDF) approach. The SPDF process implemented at Arthrex contains the suggested steps and best practices for addressing security and privacy throughout the total product lifecycle, including during the design, development, production, distribution, deployment, and maintenance of an electronic medical device or software produced by Arthrex.


Building Security into Arthrex Products

The effort to build security into Arthrex products is driven by industry best practices along with premarket and postmarket regulatory guidance. During the SPDF process, the Product Security group works with the Design Engineering, Product Management, Integrations, and Support teams to promote a comprehensive security-conscious culture to foster the delivery of secure products.


Security Bulletins Contact Us


Arthrex constantly monitors for known vulnerabilities that could be used to exploit our products. Learn more about Arthrex’s latest product security advisories.

Contact the Arthrex Product Security team with questions or concerns.