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Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion

Arthroscopic Ankle Fusion has many proven benefits when compared to open fusion techniques. Arthrex® has developed a comprehensive product line providing surgeons with all the necessary tools for safe and effective arthroscopic fusion of the ankle joint.

Arthrex offers the Ankle Arthroscopy Set including multiple curettes and osteotomes to help facilitate preparation of the arthritic joint. Arthrex has also developed the PowerRasp™ and PowerPick™ to allow for simple cartilage removal and marrow stimulation at the distal tibia and talus.

After appropriate preparation of the fusion site, surgeons can use the GPS Targeting System to aid in pinpoint placement of 2.4 mm K-wires. Once the K-wires are placed in the desired location, fusion can be achieved utilizing the Arthrex Low-Profile 6.7 mm Cannulated Screws.

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