Quadricep tendon grafts offer unique benefits for cruciate ligament reconstruction, such as a predictably large diameter, low morbidity,1 and a preferable stiffness profile for knee ligament reconstruction.

The QuadPro™ harvester is designed to safely, easily, and quickly harvest a quadriceps or patellar tendon graft using a minimally invasive technique.2-4 The sharp tip cores out an approximate cylindrical graft. Its ergonomically designed handle features graduations on the clear portion to allow visualization of approximate graft length during harvesting. Available in 4 sizes (8 mm to 11 mm), the QuadPro tendon harvester can accommodate each patient’s unique needs as well as the surgeon’s preference for graft diameter.

The FiberTag® TightRope® implant facilitates attachment of single-ended grafts, such as quad tendon grafts, to the ACL TightRope RT and ABS implants. FiberTag suture is integrated into the TightRope implant for a strong, consistent connection between the suture and TightRope loop. A simplified suturing technique, along with innovative packaging and the new GraftClamp graft preparation instrument, make preparing quadriceps tendon grafts faster and more reproducible than ever. 


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