"Open your eyes to my world."
"The future belongs to children, and a wealth of opportunities should be at their fingertips. But children do not get a fair start in life everywhere in the world. Plan International helps children and their families in Africa, Asia, Latin America, and Albania to better their circumstances by helping them to help themselves, irrespective of religion, ethnic origin or the country’s political situation." (Quote from Plan International Deutschland)


The Arthrex Foundation

In association with Plan International, Arthrex GmbH established the Arthrex Foundation in 2005. Arthrex’s status as a privately owned, non-listed company enables us to give priority to the needs of our customers for the good of their patients and also gives us the autonomy to set up the Arthrex Foundation. The aim of the Arthrex Foundation is to help families in developing countries and wherever poverty prevails, irrespective of religion and politics. Plan International supports the Arthrex Foundation with regard to choosing, planning and implementing projects. The non-political and non-denominational children’s relief agency has been successfully providing aid to poverty-stricken children since 1937. The self-help projects, which run in 75 countries across Asia, Africa, Latin America, and in Albania, are funded predominantly through child sponsorship. Large-scale projects, however, are only possible with additional project donations. As a foundation, Arthrex has the means to get involved with ongoing projects. The Arthrex Foundation began aid work in summer 2006 with a water well construction project in Guinea. Since then we have supported about 20 projects in 14 countries.


Administrative Costs

The Arthrex Foundation’s administrative costs remain below a very low 3 %. This means that your donation goes straight towards project work. The board of the Foundation regularly receives a detailed account from Plan International about where and how every single Euro has been used. This level of transparency provides an enormous boost to donor motivation – and not just among Arthrex staff. Arthrex also hopes to win your trust, too.


*Source: Plan International Germany. https://www.plan.de/