Arthrex is mindful of the effect our corporate activity has on the earth, and we are committed to doing business in an environmentally-friendly manner. As part of our social responsibility, we strive to maintain customer satisfaction with the highest  WRAP Awardquality products developed in an environmentally sustainable way and create a working environment that supports these goals. We promote environmental impact reduction in all product development stages, product sales and corporate facilities. 

As part of Arthrex’s Green Policy, we are committed to:

  • Complying with legal regulations, standards and requirements
  • Educating employees on our corporate and individual responsibilities to maintain a sustainable environment
  • Improving our chemical substance management to reduce environmental risks
  • Requiring and educating our vendors on this Policy and our expectations of sustainable manufacturing
  • Actively participating in community activities to further this Policy
  • Reclaiming cutting oils from the manufacturing process for reuse
  • Utilizing all-natural, biodegradable cleaning materials