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Arthrex, Inc.
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Hallux Valgus

Arthrex offers a multitude of fixation options to correct hallux valgus (bunion) deformities.

In the presence of 1st TMT joint hypermobility, surgeons have the option use either the plantar lapidus plate or a traditional dorsal medial lapidus plate. The advantages of the plantar approach include strong and stable tension-side fixation that spares the tibialis anterior tendon.

For patients with a stable 1st TMT joint, surgeons may take a minimally invasive approach using Arthrex's MIS power unit and instrumentation to create the percutaneous incisions for the osteotomy. Fixation is achieved with Compression FT screws.

For surgeons that prefer an open approach to correct the deformity, Arthrex offers the versatile proximal 1st metatarsal osteotomy plate and proximal opening wedge plates.

Finally, if an Akin osteotomy is needed, Arthrex offers DynaNite® Nitinol staples for a stable and reproducible fixation option. Surgeons that would like to take an MIS approach can use Arthrex Compression FT or PT screws to achieve fixation.



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