Part of the FiberWire® suture family, FiberTape® and TigerTape are ultra-high strength, 2 mm width tapes using a similar long chain polyethylene structure as the FiberWire suture. In addition to high demand applications like AC joint reconstruction, the broad footprint of the FiberTape is appropriate for repairs in degenerative cuff tissue where tissue pull-through may be a concern.  FiberTape is blue with each end tapered to a #2 FiberWire and comes 2 mm, 36” or 2 mm, 7”. TigerTape is 2 mm, 7” white/black with each end tapered to a #2 FiberWire.

There are a variety of innovative solutions to arthroscopic suture passing in the FiberWire family including TigerWire®, FiberStick® and TigerStick®, FiberLoop®, FiberSnare®, FiberChain®, and FiberLink. Part of the FiberWire Suture Family includes 2-0 FiberWire Meniscus Repair Needles and the FiberWire Suture Kit. FiberWire accessories include Suture Cutters, the FiberWire Scissor, FingerShield™ and FiberWire Tensioner.

Trusted by leading orthopedic surgeons worldwide, FiberWire has contributed to successful surgical outcomes in over one million orthopedic surgical procedures.