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PTTD (posterior tibial tendon dysfunction)

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    • Cotton osteotomy 0 small
      • [content conditional(includeWorldRegions=WHP,APC,LTM,content====Arthrex offers surgeons an array of fixation options for the Cotton osteotomy. The titanium porous BioSync® wedges offer a zero-profile, stable construct, designed to exactly match the anatomy of the cuneiform. For surgeons who prefer allograft wedges, Arthrex also offers …
    • Fdl tendon transfer 0 small
      • The flexor digitorum longus tendon is transferred into the inferomedial aspect of the navicular bone and fixed in place using the Tenodesis Screw.
    • Flatfoot hindfoot 0 small
      • Adult acquired flatfoot deformity results from a progressive degeneration of the posterior tibial tendon, ultimately leading to arch collapse on the medial side of the foot. This deformity is characterized by a number of stages from I-IV ultimately describing the severity of the pathology. Over time, if left untreated, the deformity can advance …
    • Prostop arthroeresis 0 small
      • Using a small incision and blunt Guidewire, the ProStop® is inserted into the tarsal canal, between the calcaneus and talus. The conical shape of the ProStop mimics tarsal canal anatomy for improved fit and resistance to implant migration, while the soft thread design supports better implant to bone contact.