The Glenoid Bone Loss Set includes unique instrumentation and implants to make the open Latarjet technique more consistent and repeatable. The Congruent Arc Latarjet Technique developed by Dr. Stephen Burkhart, Dr. Ian Lo and Dr. Sven Lichtenberg involves dissecting the CA ligament and pectoralis minor from the coracoid and performing a coracoid osteotomy. A grasping Coracoid Drill Guide is used to prepare two parallel holes in the coracoid graft which then mate with one of the Glenoid Parallel Drill Guides. The cannulated guide allows the graft to be positioned on the glenoid while guide wires are placed through the graft and into the glenoid. Self-drilling, self-tapping 3.75 mm titanium cannulated screws are then placed over the guide wires securing the graft into position.

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