There has been a renewed interest in ACL primary repairs as the treatment for Sherman type I and type II ACL ruptures. Careful analysis of historical data has revealed that certain ACL tear subgroups, especially proximal tears with good tissue quality, have positive clinical outcomes with primary ACL repair.1

Studies reporting outcomes of remnant-preserving ACL surgeries have shown encouraging results with a higher potential for early healing and better functional outcomes compared with remnant-resecting surgeries.2 Preservation of the native ACL using the primary repair technique can achieve short-term clinical success and result in good clinical outcomes at 3-year follow-up in this carefully selected patient population.3

Arthroscopic primary repair is a conservative approach in that no grafts need to be harvested, no tunnels need to be drilled, and revision surgery, if necessary, is more analogous to primary reconstructions.4 The goal of the procedure is to preserve the remnant native ligament. By doing this, the native nerve endings and blood supply are preserved.5


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