Arthrex provides a vast array of career opportunities with varying educational requirements for students preparing to enter the workforce. We have departments that are very unique to Arthrex and the orthopaedic industry, as well as departments that are commonly found at other companies, such as Human Resources, Marketing, Accounting and Finance, Customer Service and IT. 

As part of our mission of Making People Better, Arthrex proudly supports programs with organizations such as the Education Foundation of Collier County and Junior Achievement of Southwest Florida to provide our future workforce with positive experiences to learn and grow. We also work closely with local high schools, technical education centers, colleges and universities to design educational programs that allow students to develop the necessary skills for specific careers at Arthrex.


Arthrex provides a limited number of internship, co-op and job shadow opportunities within a variety of departments throughout the year. Students interested in acquiring valuable practical experience, while enhancing their professional development, are encouraged to regularly check our open positions for more information on the opportunities that are presently available. At Arthrex, no matter what kind of opportunity becomes available or what your role ultimately becomes, you will be contributing in some way to healthcare product innovation and making people’s lives better.

Technical Programs

With growing companies like Arthrex, skilled machine operators and machinists are in high demand, and job openings for these positions are increasing significantly every year. In response to this demand, Arthrex has partnered with the Lorenzo Walker Institute of Technology, Immokalee Technical Center and Fort Myers Institute of Technology to develop a program that will provide students with the basic skills that lead to a competitive edge when interviewing for machining work. The 84-hour course requires a high school diploma or equivalent. 

Arthrex Manufacturing Apprenticeship Program (AMAP) 

Arthrex also offers a four-year apprenticeship program to train CNC machine operators, the technical machinists who run state-of-the-art computer-controlled machines making medical implants and devices. The program is registered through the State of Florida’s Department of Education, and is one of only three in the state. AMAP is the only INJ (Individual Non Joint) program in the state, which means that Arthrex is the sole sponsor of this apprenticeship. Apprentices receive 8,000 hours of daily on-the-job learning, as well as up to 240 hours per year of classroom instruction. Upon successful completion of the four-year program, apprentices are awarded a certificate from the State of Florida, which is equivalent to a journeyman’s card and is recognized throughout the United States. A limited number of spaces open every year for both internal and external candidates.