The alternative bridge systems connect to competitive scopes. Allowing the use of our cannulas, which are compatible with our shaver blades and burrs. If the video equipment cannot be converted to Synergy yet, these bridges connect to the competitive scopes and then you can use Arthrex cannulas and install Arthrex shaver/burrs in the account.

The bridge system is for surgeons who currently use a competitive bridge/cannula system. The main purpose of a bridge is to help maintain portals with the use of metal cannulas. Your typical bridge user will have two cannulas placed in the joint, one viewing portal and one working portal. The cannulas feature a J-Lock type connection to the bridge, which allows for quick and easy portal changes. The Arthrex shaver blades screw in to the cannulas to make a seal which helps maintain distention in the joint.

The scope connections offered are Stryker and Dyonics. Please see the synergy bridge systems page to learn more about the sealed cannula system.

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