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iBalance® HTO Implants and Anchors

The iBalance® HTO System consists of nonabsorbable polyetheretherketone (PEEK) implants and anchors that are inserted into the proximal tibial opening wedge osteotomy site during HTO procedures, to maintain and fixate the osteotomy. This is an alternative option to traditional metal plates and screws. The iBalance HTO Implants and Anchors are intended for permanent implantation and in some cases may negate the need for a second surgical procedure to remove hardware, due to overlying soft tissue irritation.

To promote healing provide added rigidity to the repair, and may facilitate earlier weight bearing as tolerated, biologics such as OSferion Osteotomy Wedge (AR-13370-01-04), Arthrex® Quickset, StimuBlast®, Demineralized Bone Matrix and Autologous Conditioned Plasma may be used.

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