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FiberLoop suture, part of the FiberWire® suture family, has both of its ends attached to a single needle, creating a suture loop. FiberLoop suture is the perfect option for multi-strand tendon repairs. These small-diameter looped FiberWire products allow for strong multi-strand flexor and extensor tendon repairs while reducing tendon damage from multiple needle passes. FiberLoop suture is available with multiple needle options to prevent cutting suture while stitching.

The #2 FiberLoop suture is a continuous loop of #2 FiberWire suture on a thin, straight Nitinol needle. The straight needle is easy to handle and moves freely on the suture to recenter itself after passing through tissue and to facilitate even tensioning.

#2 TigerLoop™ suture has distinctive stripes to help differentiate graft strands during tensioning.

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