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Mini TightRope

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    • Bunionnette 0 small
      • A bunionette is also known as a Tailor’s Bunion.  It is a painful lateral bony prominence of the 5th metatarsal head resulting in a widened forefoot.  A bunionette can be caused by a large 5th metatarsal head (Type I), lateral bowing of the 5th metatarsal shaft (Type II), or an increase in the 4th and 5th intermetatarsal space …
    • Hand and wrist mini tightrope 0 small
      • The Mini TightRope fixation system provides a unique means to suspend the thumb metacarpal and can be used after trapezial resection or removal for treatment of CMC arthritis or thumb CMC instability, and in case of revision with proximal migration after failed tendon reconstruction.The Mini TightRope implant supports and maintains the thumb and …
    • Lisfranc fracture repair 0 small
      • The Lisfranc InternalBrace™ ligament augmentation implant system is a novel technique used to repair Lisfranc ligament injuries. The InternalBrace technique uses a 1.6 mm guidewire through the Lisfranc articulation for less joint disruption. An oblong button is placed on the 2nd metatarsal with collagen-coated 2 mm FiberTape® suture …
    • Mini tightrope cmc technique 0 small
      • The Mini TightRope technique provides a unique method for stabilization of the thumb metacarpal following trapezial resection or removal for the treatment of CMC arthritis. The Mini TightRope technique can also be used as an adjunct and stabilizer in CMC instability and in the case of revision with proximal migration after tendon reconstruction. …