The Lisfranc InternalBrace™ ligament augmentation implant system is a novel technique used to repair Lisfranc ligament injuries. The InternalBrace technique uses a 1.6 mm guidewire through the Lisfranc articulation for less joint disruption. An oblong button is placed on the 2nd metatarsal with collagen-coated 2 mm FiberTape® suture passing through the intraosseous Lisfranc complex and is secured with a 4.75 mm Knotless SwiveLock® anchor in the medial cuneiform.

The Mini TightRope® construct also provides an alternative to screw fixation. The advantages include: 1) the absence of protruding hardware, 2) a second procedure is not required for device removal, and 3) far less joint disruption than caused by screw fixation.  For more complex fractures, this technique can easily be combined with other fixation techniques.

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