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MCL reconstruction

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    • Elbow arthroscopy 0 small
      • Arthroscopic and minimally invasive tools are available for surgery of the elbow to permit safe access with portal placement instruments and cannulas.  In addition there are grasping, resection, cutting, and other hard and soft tissue modification instrumentation.
    • Collateral ligament reconstruction 0 small
      • Collateral ligament reconstruction requires the use of the patient's own tissue or cadaver tissue to reconstruct the injured ligaments on the medial or lateral side of the knee. Historically the decision process to reconstruct or repair the ligaments or tendons is dependent on the location of the injury (medial or lateral structures) and whether …
    • Collateral ligament reconstruction set 0 small
      • The Collateral Ligament Reconstruction Set is based upon over a decade of international scientific research to improve the safety, accuracy and efficiency of posterolateral and medial/posteromedial knee reconstructions. This unique instrument set has been designed to accommodate all anatomic and isometric-based ligament reconstructions on the …
    • Shoulder button fixation 0 small
      • Cortical button fixation has been shown to be a biomechanically strong method of treating various tendon and ligament injuries. Various cortical button configurations and suture combinations allow treatment of acromioclavicular injuries, distal and proximal biceps ruptures and pectoralis major ruptures.
    • Elbow suture kits 0 small
      • The Arthrex elbow UCL disposable kit contains a specialty FiberWire product (FiberLoop) used to whipstitch the graft ends for ease and efficiency.  We also offer a wide variety of suture sizes and needle options for suturing. 
    • Elbow ucl reconstruction instrument set 0 small
      • The UCL Instrument Set makes precise sockets and tunnels along with easy suture/graft passage and includes all the instrumentation needed to perform elbow UCL reconstructions. It will accommodate all techniques including the Modified Jobe technique, Docking technique, DANE TJ technique, as well as any technique using Tenodesis Screws or …
    • Elbow instrument sets 0 small
      • Arthrex offers a variety of elbow instrument sets designed to provide the surgeon with surgical options for open or arthroscopic elbow procedures.
    • Shoulder suture kits 0 small
      • Arthrex FiberWire® is available in a variety of sizes, colors and specialty configurations like tape, loops, with and without needles. These provide the surgeon with options for reconstructive procedures in and around the shoulder.
    • Ucl reconstruction category 0 small
      • Arthrex offers a variety of instrumentation for medial elbow reconstruction all contained in the UCL Instrument Set.  The purpose of this set is to make precise sockets and tunnels along with easy suture/graft passage. It will accommodate all techniques including the Modified Jobe technique, Docking technique, DANE TJ technique, as well …
    • Ucl suture passing disposable kits 0 small
      • The Elbow UCL Suture Passing Disposable Kit contains two #2 FiberLoop® sutures to whipstitch graft ends, curved suture-passing wires for the ulna tunnel, a chamfer tool to knock down the sharp edges of the bone sockets and tunnels, a Micro SutureLasso™ suture passer and skid to pass sutured graft ends into the prepared socket and …