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Developed in conjunction with Sam Akhavan, MD (Pittsburgh, PA), and James M. Paci, MD (Long Island, NY), this knotless biceps tenodesis technique is a simple approach to the top-of-the-groove arthroscopic biceps tenodesis using the Loop 'N' Tack stitch configuration. For surgeons who want to transition from tenotomy to a quick arthroscopic technique, it is an excellent option for using existing portal placement while viewing familiar anatomy. This straightforward surgical approach helps minimize the potential for cramping or cosmetic "Popeye" deformity, which is often associated with tenotomy.1

Loop 'N' Tack Tenodesis Implant Systems provide everything required to perform Loop 'N' Tack biceps tenodesis in a simple, convenient kit.


1. Mirzayan R, McCrum C, Butler RK, Alluri RK. Risk factors and complications following arthroscopic tenotomy of the long head of the biceps tendon. Orthop J Sports Med. 2020;8(2):2325967120904361. doi:10.1177/2325967120904361

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