FDL Tendon Transfer Using Tension-Slide Technique and InternalBrace™ Spring Ligament Augmentation

The FDL Implant System comes in two size offerings of 4.75 mm × 15 mm and 5.5 mm × 15 mm with everything included for an FDL tendon transfer in association with the tension-slide technique. The addition of the Spring Ligament InternalBrace™ implant completes this simple, reproducible, and biomechanically strong method of fixation that reliably seats the tendon against the cortex of the bone socket, maximizing the surface area for tendon-to-bone healing as well as augmenting the repair of the superior and inferior band of the spring ligament complex. The BioComposite Tenodesis screw adds strength to the final construct with an aperture interference fit in addition to providing a scaffold for bony ingrowth.



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