Extensor Digitorum Brevis Tendon Transfer With the InternalBrace™ Ligament Augmentation Procedure

Dane K. Wukich, MD (Pittsburgh, PA), demonstrates an extensor digitorum brevis tendon transfer with the InternalBrace™ ligament augmentation procedure using LabralTape™ suture. Dr. Wukich presents his technique for treating transverse and sagittal plane deformities of the lesser toes utilizing two Arthrex 3 x 8 mm BioComposite Tenodesis Screw fixations and LabralTape suture to augment and enhance the overall strength of the repair construct during the healing process.1


1. Viens NA, Wijdicks CA, Campbell KJ, Laprade RF, Clanton TO. Anterior talofibular ligament ruptures, part 1: biomechanical comparison of augmented Broström repair techniques with the intact anterior talofibular ligament. Am J Sports Med. 2014;42(2):405-411. doi:10.1177/0363546513510141

The InternalBrace surgical technique is intended only to augment the primary repair/reconstruction by expanding the area of tissue approximation during the healing period and is not intended as a replacement for the native ligament. The InternalBrace technique is for use during soft tissue-to-bone fixation procedures and is not cleared for bone-to-bone fixation.

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Dane K. Wukich, MD

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