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Complete Plantar Plate Repair System (CPR™)

The Complete Plantar Plate Repair System (CPR™) treats plantar plate tears and attenuation from a dorsal incision. This single self-contained kit is available to provide solutions for this challenging-to-treat area of the foot. The CPR Micro SutureLasso™ and Mini Scorpion™ DX provide suture passing options in the plantar plate, while the Mini Joint Distractor aids in visualization and access to the confined space. The surgical treatment that we describe reconstructs the anatomic structure that leads to the instability of the second MTP joint. A plantar plate repair and lateral soft tissue reefing can restore the normal alignment of the joint with anatomic repair.

The new Mini Scorpion DX has been designed for those distal extremity applications requiring a miniaturized version of the Arthrex® sports medicine Scorpion™. The more ergonomic and minimized instrument offers versatile suturing options for use in tight, hard to reach places. The FastPass Scorpion™ technology provides a suture-capturing mechanism to automatically retrieve 0 FiberWire® after passing through tissue. This instrument works well under direct visualization, as well as “blind” passes through the plantar plate from a dorsal approach where access and visualization is often limited. 

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