The Birmingham Biceps™ Technique For Open Subpectoral Tenodesis

E. Lyle Cain Jr., MD, (Birmingham, AL) demonstrates biceps tenodesis in the subpectoral region using the Birmingham Biceps™ Implant System. He describes the Pallium Pectoralis as a new anatomic marker to help place his 5.5 mm SwiveLock® Tenodesis anchor 2 cm distal to the transverse humeral ligament at the metaphyseal-diaphyseal junction. He explains that this tenodesis location helps mitigate concerns about a subpectoral tenodesis potentially creating humeral stress risers. Dr. Cain also demonstrates the use of the new FiberLink™ Plus for quickly whipstitching the tendon. The Birmingham Biceps Implant System contains the FiberLink Plus, 5.5 mm PEEK SwiveLock® Tenodesis Screw™, reamer, tap and free needle in one convenient and sterile package.

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E. Lyle Cain Jr., MD

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