OSferion is an osteoconductive bone graft substitute and bone void filler consisting of 100% High Purity Beta-Tricalcium Phosphate (β-TCP). OSferion's micro and macro porous structure allows it to be resorbed and replaced by bone during the healing process when used in conjunction with rigid fixation devices. These revolutionary osteotomy wedges have an unprecedented compressive force of 15-20 MPa (2900 pounds/square inch), comparable to cortical bone, adding improved stability to the correction site.

OSferion wedges can be used in conjunction with the Arthrex distal femoral and high tibial opening wedge osteotomy plates and screws. The chamfered wedge design of the implants corresponds to the shape of the open wedge correction performed with the Opening Wedge Osteotomy System. After insertion of the osteotomy plate, the appropriate size OSferion wedges are prepared in a sterile fashion using autogenous blood, or osteotomy site bone marrow and placed within the osteotomy site by hand. The OSferion wedges are placed on either side of the secured osteotomy plate within the osteotomy. They can be trimmed to size using a rongeur.

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