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The Arthrex trochanteric nail is a next-generation hip nail that addresses the remaining shortcomings of current systems and consists of three nail types—short nail, long nail, and the innovative ES nail. 

Telescoping Lag Screw—Self-contained collapse within the lag screw prevents lateral lag screw irritation.

ES Nail Option—Combines the mechanical advantages of a long nail with the ease of a short nail.  It extends through the isthmus of the bone, which can reduce distal tip stress risers, potential “pendulum” effects, and risks of peri-prosthetic fractures associated with short nails.1  The ES hole is easily targeted through the nail jig.

Biological Augmentation—Allows for the delivery of orthobiologics (BoneSync™ cement, Angel® platelet-rich plasma, AlloSync Pure™, etc) through the lag screw instrumentation, prior to final screw seating.

Advanced Instrumentation—Designed to reduce surgical pain points and facilitate surgical work flow.

  • Lag screw locking through the inserter (no set screw required)
  • Captured distal 5.0 mm screws
  • Calibrated drill bits
  • Jig removal through the more lateral impactor attachment hole



1. Wright RC, Yacoubian SV, Salzman GA, Raven RB 3rd, Falkinstein Y, Yacoubian SV. The extended-short nail system, a novel concept in the management of proximal femur fractures. Am J Orthop (Belle Mead NJ). 2011;40(12):630-635.

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