Hip Orthopedic Technology & Innovation Forum Showcases Innovative Arthrex Products


Hip arthroscopy is one of the fastest growing segments in sports medicine and Arthrex held its annual Hip Orthopedic Technology & Innovation Forum last weekend to showcase our innovative hip products and techniques.

The annual Hip OTIF is an extension of Medical Education’s single-day Hip Preservation courses. More than 70 surgeons were in attendance for the two-day forum.

“This event is important as it showcases Arthrex’s commitment to hip arthroscopy and joint preservation,” said John Gualdoni, senior product manager for the Knee and Hip Team. “It’s the largest annual hip-focused meeting we host and is a great event for surgeon collaboration and discussion on the best practices of hip arthroscopy. It’s also an outlet to showcase our latest innovations and hear from thought leaders in the field as to what the future holds for this evolving segment of sports medicine.”

Friday’s session was open to those surgeons who are Arthrex faculty or who had worked on product development for our hip products. It was followed by a Saturday session that was open to interested surgeons.

The Hip OTIF is presented in a panel form, in which surgeons discuss innovative products and surgeries, their associated patient-reported outcomes, and directions for future research when treating complex hip pathology,” said Medical Education Manager Tim Thompson.

HipOTIF“Surgeons gain a unique perspective on current trends, innovative techniques and best practices for treating their patients,” John said. “The panel format is a great way for them to ask questions and get expert opinions on how to deal with the challenges they face in their respective practices.”

The Knee and Hip Team focused on products like the Hip Labral Scorpion™ suture passer, CapsuleClose Scorpion™ suture passer, knotless SutureTak® anchors and Mini Hip PushLock® anchors with SutureTape.

Dave DiCato, Cleveland-Area Sales Manager for Rock Medical Orthopedics, said hip surgeons are showing growing interest in Arthrex’s hip products, and events like the Hip OTIF are educational and beneficial for them.

“The biggest benefit of bringing a surgeon to the Hip OTIF is that they get to see some of the best surgeons in the world present on this topic, and they get to see the latest ideas and technology,” he said.

Attendees heard from panelists on a variety of topics, including capsular management and labral reconstruction.

Michael Juichi Huang, MD, (Colorado Springs, CO) said when it comes to labral reconstruction, surgeons are still learning.

“In my practice, 99 percent of what I do is primary repair,” he said. “But I think there is a role for primary reconstruction. I think we are learning in terms of what is viable tissue. And right now, I struggle with
that. As a result, I have longer conversations preoperatively to prepare the patient for whatever I find when I get in there.”


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