Arthrex Innovates Bunion Correction With Minimally Invasive Procedure

Arthrex Bunionectomy offers better results with faster recovery than traditional surgery


Steve Doane, Arthrex Strategic Communications Supervisor


(NAPLES, Florida – December 5, 2022) – Arthrex, a global leader in minimally invasive orthopedic technology, has launched the award-winning Arthrex Minimally Invasive Bunionectomy System to offer patients a better solution to traditional bunion surgery.

The Arthrex Bunionectomy System is designed to be an all-inclusive set to facilitate minimally invasive surgical bunion correction. It is clinically proven to achieve the same or better corrective results than traditional surgery with less downtime, pain and swelling.1,2

Performed through tiny incisions, this minimally invasive procedure means patients can achieve complete bunion correction and get back on their feet faster. Studies show Arthrex Bunionectomy patients’ average recovery is up to eight weeks faster than traditional open procedures, as published in the journal Foot & Ankle International.2

Patients also experienced more cosmetically appealing results, with smaller incisions that leave behind almost no visible scars.2

The Arthrex Minimally Invasive Bunionectomy System earned a 2022 Edison Award in the Medical Treatment category. The Edison Awards honor excellence in new product and service development, marketing, human-centered design and innovation.

Along with the procedure, Arthrex launched two websites geared toward patients and surgeons, respectively. offers patients educational materials and connects them with local surgeons trained in the Arthrex Bunionectomy. is geared toward clinicians and offers a way to connect with Arthrex Technology Consultants and Medical Education representatives for information on and training in the Arthrex Bunionectomy System.

Users can also download a guide with further information and a list of suggested questions once they’re ready to speak to a provider.


About Arthrex

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1. Lee M, Walsh J, Smith MM, Ling J, Wines A, Lam P. Hallux valgus correction comparing percutaneous chron/Akin (PECA) and open scarf/Akin osteotomies. Foot Ankle Int. 2017;38(8):838-846. doi:10.1177/1071100717704941

2. Lai MC, Rikhraj IS, Woo YL, Yeo W, Ng YCS, Koo K. Clinical and radiological outcomes comparing percutaneous chevron-Akin osteotomies vs open scarf-Akin osteotomies for hallux valgus. Foot Ankle Int. 2018;39(3):311-317. doi:10.1177/1071100717745282

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