5 Questions with Supply Chain Manager Hasan Kajtezovic

Supply Chain Manager Hasan Kajtezovic’s job takes him around the globe in a single day and is always teaching him something new. In the latest edition of our 5 Questions series, learn why Hasan believes in seizing opportunities, the importance of teamwork and why he enjoys work that is Making People Better.


What does a typical day at Arthrex look like for you?

When I get into the office, the first thing I do is work on a recovery plan for our customers for any items that may be on our Backorder Report. My mornings are busy working with our European suppliers to resolve any obstacles and short-term performance problems that could cause a disruption in the flow of finished goods or inventory. In the afternoons, I work on new product development activities with the engineering group at Arthrex California Technology (ACT). Between all of this, we focus on activities that fall into one of the Big 5 of Supply Chain: Cost Reduction and Cost Avoidance, Backorder Management, Supplier Performance Management, Inventory Performance Management and Forecast Performance Management. 


What do you enjoy most about your job?

It’s dynamic, challenging and you are always in the process of learning. Supply Chain is definitely a team effort, and everyone in this group brings unique experience and ideas to the table. For me, it’s an honor and a privilege being surrounded by so many talented minds, and working alongside them to ensure that we bring ideas to life and work toward the common goal of Making People Better.


What has been a highlight during your time at Arthrex?

Over the past 9.5 years, I have had the opportunities to support the Shoulder team, Capital Products team and Vet team in launching many wonderful products that made a difference in the quality of lives, including the 4K endoscopes and a variety of screws and plates. 

In the early stages of my career, my peers and leadership quickly noticed that I was passionate about building and strengthening our Supplier Relationship Management process. I was given the opportunity to work on improving the delivery performance of our suppliers, and have since been able to expand the program to include our top 120 suppliers, across five Arthrex divisions with South Carolina to be added as the sixth. Throughout this process, I have also led our Arthrex Supplier Improvement. 

Through it all, I have been grateful to have mentors like [Supply Chain Senior Director] Pete Russano who has put the wind at my back and had confidence in me. 


Our core value is Making People Better. How has Arthrex made you better?

Arthrex has made me better in several ways. It has given me the opportunity to work on things I feel passionate about. I have had the opportunity to obtain more education through the tuition reimbursement program, which helped me earn my MBA at Florida Gulf Coast University, additional training and participate in community programs like the Growing Associates in Naples (GAIN) program through the Greater Naples Chamber of Commerce. Arthrex has also given me the opportunity to get involved in the community through the program that allows us to volunteer with various charities. 


What do you do in your downtime?

My wife and I have a 3-year-old son and a 6-month-old daughter who keep us very busy and entertained at home. Every day, my 3-year-old son and I play soccer and go on walks through our community. In addition to coaching my son’s soccer team, I also play competitive soccer here locally. I love to travel and meet people from cultures and backgrounds that are different from my own. On the weekends, we spend time together as a family, enjoy home-cooked meals and check in on my grandparents back in Bosnia. Since I am approaching my 10-year anniversary with Arthrex, we are spending much of our time anticipating our next Trip of a Lifetime getaway. We’re thinking Montana. 


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