Arthrex Employee: "Arthrex shaped me as an athlete and a professional."

“My experience playing football translates to work for me since we all rely on each other to accomplish a goal. I think working at Arthrex helped me grow in the workplace, as an athlete, and as a person,” said EDI Administrator and former Clarion (Pennsylvania) University Wide Receiver Matt Lehman.

Matt knew that Arthrex was special when he first started as an intern in the summer of 2013, but he didn’t realize how much Arthrex innovation would affect him until years later.


“During my last game as a college player, I hurt my shoulder and learned that it was a Grade 3 AC joint separation,” said Matt. Acromioclavicular (AC) joint injuries cause pain and instability in the shoulder and arm and make it difficult to reach overhead, which is extremely important for a wide receiver. Matt had his sights set on professional football at that time, but the injury delayed his plans.

AC joint separations often heal without surgery, so Matt started a physical therapy regimen for the next few months while he finished out the school year. After graduation, he began working full-time as a customer service coordinator at Arthrex Logistics Center (ALC) in Fort Myers. He was extremely happy with the job, but he knew he wouldn’t be able to forgive himself if he didn’t at least try to pursue his pro football dreams.

So in March 2017, Matt had AC joint repair surgery using the Dog Bone™ button. During the procedure, FiberTape® suture and two Dog Bone buttons are used to hold the clavicle (collarbone) and acromion (highest point of the shoulder blade) in place, the same way the ligaments did before the injury.

MattMatt said that his shoulder felt fully mobile three months after the surgery and he then began working to recover lost muscle.

“Now I feel like it never happened,” he explained excitedly. “I’m so happy with the results.”

After his shoulder rehabilitation and some specialized personal training, Matt tried out for a few professional football teams. He was happy with his personal results and delighted that his shoulder had healed, but the timing wasn’t right and he didn’t end up signing with a team.

“It just wasn’t meant to be,” he said.

Shortly after, Matt advanced to his current role at Arthrex. He’s now an EDI (electronic data interchange) administrator and spends his days working with hospitals and surgery centers to implement programs that make reordering Arthrex products for their patients easier.

“My favorite part is that there are always new challenges,” said Matt. “I’m most excited about the technical aspect of it.”

Matt is thriving in his new role and thankful to Arthrex for the valuable experience, orthopedic technology and support that allowed him to chase his dreams and excel at work.

“I’m really happy with the way everything worked out,” said Matt. “Arthrex shaped me as an athlete and a professional and now I have an extremely fulfilling career.”

Matt is driven to succeed professionally just as he was on the football field. With the help of Arthrex’s tuition reimbursement benefit, he is pursuing a master’s degree in business administration from Florida Gulf Coast University.

“Working at Arthrex has definitely affected Matt in a positive way,” said Product Surveillance Specialist III David Lehman, Matt’s father. “He has been exposed to several areas of the company and established great business relationships, inspiring him to continue his education so he can further contribute to the Arthrex mission.”

Matt plans to complete his MBA with a concentration in Information Systems (IS). He says that the content is similar to what he’s doing in his current position and should help him continue making strides in widening Arthrex product-ordering programs in hospitals.

Matt said, “I’m glad I get to spend every day Helping Surgeons Treat Their Patients Better™, and as a former patient, I know how important that is.”


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