An Intern Perspective: Alexa Nargi


On July 13, Arthrex hosted its eighth annual Intern Luncheon for its aspiring young professionals. Internship and co-op programs enhance students’ specialized education and marketable skills by having them work directly with professionals in the field to learn, collaborate and build their professional networks. Attendees were encouraged to get to know each other through a variety of ice-breaker-style games, learn more about the products Arthrex creates and even test their knowledge in a game of Arthrex trivia. This year’s group of interns and co-ops is the largest in the company’s history with more than 84 working in the Southwest Florida locations. ACT and ACI also welcomed nine interns to their teams this summer. It was fun to learn what interns in other departments have been working on and what they hope to take away from the program. I discovered that my very positive experience interning here is one of many.

I have been a Corporate Communications Intern at Arthrex for about six months. AlexaNargiI‘ve learned so much about the communications field, the medical device industry and working in a corporate environment. It’s been exciting to take on responsibilities and unique projects that utilize what I learned while earning my degree and challenge me to think creatively. The hands-on training that interns receive is invaluable and makes looking forward to your first job in your field exciting rather than intimidating.

Like many students, I had a few different internships during college. My internship at Arthrex has, without a doubt, been the most rewarding. I’ve been able to work on internal and external communications, social media posts and cataloging, written content creation, software training and much more. I’ve also had the opportunity to job shadow coworkers in other departments to learn everything I can about Arthrex. Interns here are given a seat at the table, which teaches you so much when you’re new to the professional workforce. I’ve been able to attend important meetings, brainstorm with the team and work alongside creative professionals who, despite having years of experience in what I’m still learning, never hesitate to ask for my input or offer advice.

Arthrex’s every move strives to help surgeons treat their patients better, and the success of that mission is supported by its dedicated employees. It genuinely feels like everyone here is committed to helping you learn and grow, just as they’re committed to the Arthrex mission. Not every company takes the time to thoroughly train each intern, help them improve each day and encourage them to explore their interests to find what they’re most passionate about doing. Being in a workplace that values continuous self-improvement and invests in its employees has been truly remarkable.


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