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Two-Hole Osteotomy Support Plate Implant System

The Two-Hole Osteotomy Support Plate Implant System includes an anatomically contoured two-hole titanium plate and two 4 mm x 30 mm titanium self-tapping cancellous screws.  It is indicated for fixation following proximal tibial or distal femoral opening and closing wedge osteotomies.  These non-locking screws fit snugly into the plate in a recessed fashion to create a low profile construct, when inserted using a standard 2.5 mm hex driver.

The two-hole plate is the perfect option for supporting a fractured lateral tibial cortex during HTO procedures, as well as supporting the anteromedial tibial cortex during slope changing HTO procedures. The plate has a built-in offset hole to accept small K-wires to facilitate positioning it over the osteotomy site.  The plate can be slightly bent to conform to variations in bony anatomy easily using Universal Bending Irons from the Opening Wedge Osteotomy System Set.

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