Patients with patellar instability suffer from recurrent patellar dislocations and are limited in their performance of activities of daily life.

In order to create congruent bony anatomy, the sulcus deepening trochleoplasty procedure helps patients get back to daily living activities.

Deepening trochleoplasty demands precise surgical skills and customized technical solutions for each individual patient and indication. The new Arthrex Trochlea Guide System enhances reproducible cartilage preparation, with 3 mm and 5 mm Offset Aiming Guides and effective, solid bone modelation with the dedicated 2.9 mm Burr. In conjunction with Arthrex PushLock® or SwiveLock® anchor fixations, this technique offers a solution for an anatomic trochlea recreation.



Please note that certain bio (PLLA) anchors and screws are not available for sale in EMEA.


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