Patella fractures represent approximately 1% of all fractures and present in a variety of patterns, which can make osteosynthesis challenging. The Patella Fracture Set was specifically designed to address common obstacles (eg, amount of comminution, degree of osteoporosis, and natural forces across the patella) and to facilitate fixation of challenging injuries.

This set includes 4.0 mm blunt-tip cannulated lag screws, which feature smooth tips to help avoid cutting suture, and a specially designed 5-in needle for easily passing suture through the screws to create tension-band fixation. Compared to traditional K-wires, this construct has been shown to be stronger.1

Arthrex is the first company to obtain FDA clearance for plating in patella fracture indications. Patellar stability and osteosynthesis rates have been shown to improve significantly with locked plates.2 Arthrex mesh plates can be used in conjunction with this set for fixation of these frequently challenging injuries. The mesh plates, which are offered in short and long lengths, can be cut and contoured to the desired size and shape based on fracture patterns.


  1. Wright PB, Kosmopoulos V, Coté RE, Tayag TJ, Nana AD. FiberWire is superior in strength to stainless steel wire for tension band fixation of transverse patellar fractures. Injury. 2009 Nov;40(11):1200-3. doi:10.1016/j.injury.2009.04.011
  2. Müller EC, Frosch KH. Functional outcomes of revision osteosynthesis after failure of surgical treatment of patellar fractures. J Knee Surg. 2021;34(1)80-86. doi:10.1055/s-0039-1692673

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