Meniscal tears are one of the most common problems treated by orthopedic surgeons today. The meniscus plays an important role in knee stability and distribution of forces within the knee joint and, therefore, should be repaired whenever possible. Repairing a torn meniscus, with its poor blood supply and challenging tear patterns, can present quite a challenge. Arthrex provides a multitude of options for treating the full spectrum of meniscal pathology, including meniscal repairs and transplants or arthroscopic resection.

Harnessing more than 20 years of excellence in designing arthroscopic hand instrumentation, Arthrex has engineered the next generation of instruments for diagnostic, resection, and extraction procedures. At just 2 mm in diameter, these small instruments are sharp and engineered to efficiently resect meniscal tissue and other soft-tissue structures. Use the articulating, retractable NanoProbe hook probe for diagnostic procedures and atraumatically insert the NanoBiter, NanoScissor, and NanoGrasper instruments through tight joint spaces.

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