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Meniscal Sutures

The 2-0 FiberWire Meniscus Repair Needles are made of a standard length stainless steel with a 38-inch length of 2-0 FiberWire swedged onto the back end of each needle. The Meniscus Repair Needles are ideal for standard inside/out meniscus repair and offer all the benefits of FiberWire’s superior strength, feel, abrasion resistance, smooth tie ability and lower knot profile. The small diameter needles facilitate usage with competitive cannulas and needle deployment systems. FiberWire virtually eliminates suture breakage during knot tying and tensioning.

These sterile meniscus repair needles and suture may be used in conjunction with the Meniscal Repair Joystick System to position optimum vertical or horizontal mattress sutures on superior or inferior meniscal surfaces. The meniscal needles also work with other meniscal repair systems.

The Protector Meniscus Suturing Set provides a safer, versatile system to perform either inside/out or all-inside meniscus suturing. The malleable, single use curved cannula and integrated plastic handle has a Nitinol needle and needle pusher for convenience. The Cannula Bending Tool facilitates simple, custom cannula bending to accommodate every anatomical variation.

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