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Meniscus Ramp Lesion Repair

The ramp lesion is a disruption of the menisco-tibial ligament and the posterior-medial meniscus in the meniscocapsular zone. The lesion is commonly associated with ACL injuries and often missed as a diagnosis.1  A disruption of the posterior horn of the medial meniscus could lead to excessive forces within the knee joint and surrounding structures.

The QuickPass™ SutureLasso™ suture passer is pre-loaded with a #2-0 FiberStick™ suture and offered with either a left or right 25° curve and a 1.5 millimeter tip.

1. Peltier A, Lording TD, Lustig S, Servien E, Maubisson L, Neyret P. Posteromedial Meniscal Tears May Be Missed During Anterior Cruciate Ligament Reconstruction. Arthroscopy. 2015;31(4):691-698.

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