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Inside/Out Meniscal Repair

Perform inside/out or all-inside meniscus suturing using the safe and versatile Protector™ Meniscus Suturing Set. Its malleable, single-use curved cannula and integrated plastic handle include a Nitinol needle and needle pusher for convenience. The cannula-bending tool facilitates simple, custom bending to accommodate every anatomical variation.

The unique Nitinol memory suture needle remains straight after exiting the cannula for improved placement control, helping to avoid neurovascular structures. Safely guide needles away from these structures using the needle catcher. The concave, curved handle can be inserted through a small arthrotomy as a retractor or it can serve as a needle deflector when a classic Mini-Open inside/out procedure is performed. For all-inside meniscus-suturing procedures, insert the needle catcher tube through a cannula placed in the posterior portal to intra-articularly catch needles entering the posterior recess from the meniscus.

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