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Hand Held Arthroscopic Instruments

New product innovation in arthroscopic surgery is a primary focus at Arthrex®. Our goal is to make technically demanding procedures easier, safer and reproducible. Each instrument is precision manufactured to the highest quality standards in the U.S. at Arthrex California, Inc., and is backed by a lifetime warranty on materials and workmanship.

These instruments have state-of-the-art quality, durability, a precise tactile feel and an extremely low profile tip. These features facilitate easier access to pathology in tight joint spaces with precision cutting edges and precise resection control. EDM manufacturing technology with stainless steel edges provides maximum sharpness and durability that rarely require sharpening or repair. Less than one percent of all Arthrex arthroscopy instruments require sharpening after two years of surgical usage, an unprecedented achievement for a fine surgical instrument in orthopaedics.

Arthrex arthroscopy instruments exemplify our uncompromising quality in products and services focused exclusively on the special needs of the arthroscopic surgeon.

Over 300 configurations of instruments are available. Many punches, graspers and retrievers are available in 2.75 mm, 3.4 mm or 4.2 mm shafts.

Series I instruments feature traditional, comfortable, finger-loop handles for precise control and are available with either non-ratcheting (NR) handles that are non-locking or with self-releasing (SR) lock mechanisms.

The WishBone™ Series instruments are designed for improved ergonomics that facilitate inverted and retrograde use with either hand.

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