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Double Bone Plug

Prepare the donor meniscus with a bone plug attached to the anterior and posterior meniscal root utilizing a coring reamer and placing a FiberWire® passing stitch through the plugs. Within the Arthrex® RetroConstruction™ Drill Guide Set, the Multi-Use Marking Hook tip is placed at the attachment of the posterior horn. A FlipCutter® is introduced into the knee joint and a 10 mm socket is created matching the size of the bone plugs created on the donor meniscus. A FiberStick™ is placed through the socket to allow for meniscal bone plug insertion. This process is repeated for the anterior horn. After the donor meniscus is implanted into the knee the bone plugs are secured by tying over a suture button or using interference screw fixation. A combination of all inside, inside-out and outside-in meniscal repair devices are used for peripheral meniscal fixation.

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