The Coring Reamer System is designed to harvest a cylinder of cancellous bone while simultaneously creating the tibial tunnel.  The harvested bone core can then be used to fill the patellar tendon harvest site, pack into bone funnels construct a bone-hamstring tendon-bone autograft, or bone graft opening wedge HTO procedures.  

The distal tunnel should be drilled up to a depth of 10 mm, with a cannulated drill that is 1 mm larger in diameter than the selected Coring Reamer, prior to collared pin insertion.  The pin positioner facilitates simplified guide pin/collared pin exchange.  The Coring Reamer is then drilled over the collared pin for directional control and subsequent bone core removal.  

The Coring Reamer is also available in 13 mm and 14 mm diameters for “retightening” of an intact ACL graft which is executed by cutting around the tibial insertion of the graft.  The tibial bone core is pulled distally and secured with an interference screw.

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