The 2.7 mm Bio-Compression Screw eliminates the challenges of metal screw removal, soft tissue impingement, and unwelcome image scatter. For fracture and osteotomy fixation in periarticular applications, this screw offers interfragmentary compression and a headless profile to promote healing. Produced from solid enhanced PLLA and designed for excellent thread-to-bone contact, the Bio-Compression Screw provides excellent strength during insertion and through healing.

Using a stepped thread pitch and a taper, this screw draws two fragments together without the need to overdrill/lag the proximal bone fragment. And since the Bio-Compression Screw is headless and absorbable, it offers zero prominence above the cortex and is not visible on x-ray. This is as close to a natural repair as possible. A simple, low cost instrumentation set ensures proper drill depth and tapping with no guesswork.

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