ACL reconstruction involves replacing the torn ACL with tissue taken from the patient (autograft) or taken from a tissue donor (allograft). This procedure is usually done arthroscopically and involves making tunnels in the femur and tibia, allowing passage of the graft material to reconstruct the ACL. The All-Inside technique offers surgeons a minimally invasive, completely arthroscopic that helps reduce postoperative pain.

Our accumulated experience and constant innovation in knee reconstruction has redefined knee surgery with next-generation knee ligament reconstruction and repair technology products. Arthrex ACL reconstruction techniques include: hamstring or BTB graft harvest preparation, ACL RetroConstruction / FlipCutter® drill or All-Inside ACL reconstruction / FlipCutter drill medial portal femoral socket preparation, transtibial ACL reconstruction, ACL soft-tissue graft fixation, and ACL BTB graft fixation. For more information on these techniques, refer to the educational resources tab. 

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