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The SutureTak® is a bioabsorbable or nonabsorbable suture anchor made of either PLDLA, PEEK or a BioComposite material consisting of PLDLA and ß-TCP. Its proprietary flexible molded-in suture eyelet technology resists suture abrasion during the knot tying process and self-orients the suture tails during insertion to optimize suture sliding. Simple pre-drilling, with a drill through a drill guide provided in the disposables kit, and mallet insertion significantly reduces surgical time and preserves bone stock. Each Bio-SutureTak is available preloaded with either a solid color #2 FiberWire® and/or striped #2 TigerWire® high strength suture which aids in suture management and strand identification during suture passing and knot tying. FiberWire sutures demonstrate superior tensile and knot-break strength as well as abrasion and elongation-resistance when compared to other high strength sutures.

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