The Hip Arthroscopy Accessories Instrument Set contains hip-specific instrumentation to aid in suture passing and disposable cannula insertion associated with hip arthroscopy procedures. This set includes the Hip Labral Scorpion™ and CapsuleClose Scorpion™ suture passers as well as the insertion instrumentation for the Trim-It™ Custom Hip Cannula. The Extended Hip Length Drill Guides for the Short 2.9 mm Hip PushLock® implants and associated drill bits are included with a large pin mat area to hold additional accessories. These drill guides have been designed specifically for the hip to accommodate all patient sizes and portals necessary to perform arthroscopic procedures of the hip. Additionally, there is a Switching Stick Inserter to aid in the insertion of Switching Sticks into the arthroscopic and endoscopic spaces of the hip. All components in this instrument set can be purchased separately.

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