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Centerline™ Endoscopic Carpal Tunnel Release System

Clinical data* supports an earlier return to normal activities of up to 50% over open procedures for carpal tunnel release. The Centerline™ System raises the bar for endoscopic carpal tunnel procedures by increasing safety, visualization, ergonomics and reducing the possibility of mechanical failures.


  • Safety – Centerline puts the surgeon in position to make the cut. By putting the surgeon’s hand in line with the blade, better control is afforded and chances of median nerve injury are reduced
  • Simplified – Straightforward instrumentation and a disposable blade mechanism, that contains all moving parts, will speed procedures and lessen the chance for mechanical failures and maintenance issues
  • Straightforward – Single-handed, pull-blade technique enables a quick and exact technique
  • Optimal Comfort – Ergonomic design for better feel and function during the procedure
  • Convenient – Sterile, single use, disposable blade sheath streamlines OR and facility handling

1.  Agee, JM et al, Endoscopic Release of the Carpal Tunnel A Randomized Prospective Multicenter Study, Journal of Hand Surgery, 1992, 17(6)987-995.
2.  Agee, JM et al, Endoscopic Release of the Carpal Tunnel Release A Prospective Study of Complications and Surgical Experience, Journal of Hand Surgery, 1995, 20A(2)165-171. 

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