The Titanium Wrist Plating System is designed for fixation of intra-articular and extra-articular fractures, osteotomies, and nonunions and malunions of the distal radius. The titanium volar plates are available in a wide array of sizes (narrow, standard, and wide) and in multiple shaft lengths. A variety of screw fixation options, aiming guides, and instrumentation allows for customization according to surgeon preference and fracture complexity. The Titanium Wrist Plating System is designed to provide the answer to your distal fixation repairs.


Plates are developed to fit the anatomy and contours of the distal radius for a low-profile repair and anatomic reduction of the fracture. 

In addition to a comprehensive plate selection, multiple screw options are available, including fixed angle locking, variable angle locking, and nonlocking screws. 

Fracture patterns create unique challenges and the variety of fixation options included provides multiple solutions for even the most complex fracture patterns. 

Straightforward Instrumentation
Separated into individual caddies, the instrumentation for the 2.4 mm and 3.5 mm screws is easy to identify. The screws sit in a graduated tray to ensure that proper screw length is given to the surgeon, reducing the time needed to measure screws by hand.

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