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Mini TightRope® Technique for Hallux Valgus

The Mini TightRope® procedure is useful as an alternative or adjunct method for reduction of the intermetatarsal angle. A FiberWire® and button construct is placed across (distally or proximally) the first and second metatarsals. Reduction of the IMA is obtained with a clamp. The Mini TightRope is tightened and tied.  The reduced intermetatarsal angle is held at the desired degree of correction. Used alone or in conjunction another procedure, this technique affords a greater degree of strength and security than can be achieved with the soft tissue repair alone. Additionally, the Mini TightRope System provides a more technically straightforward method of maintaining the intermetatarsal angle than with conventional osteotomies while avoiding the complications associated with osteotomies. A buttress plate is available to be placed against the second metatarsal to spread the load of the Mini TightRopes more evenly.

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