While requiring minimal dissection, these low profile plates provide excellent stability and durability. By using a spacer on the plate to maintain correction, the system offers a technique that is fast, effective and reproducible.

Features & Benefits:

  • Rigid Fixation - May enable earlier weight-bearing than with traditional screw fixation.
  • Maintains Length and Correction - The plate addresses the shortening and dorsal migration common to other cuts and means of fixation.
  • Straightforward Technique - Simplified cut and instrumentation make for a quick procedure.
  • Customized Correction - With wedge sizes ranging from 0-7 mm, a surgeon can generate between 0 and 21º of correction (3º per millimeter on average)
  • Minimal Soft Tissue Irritation - At .5 mm thick, patients may never know it’s there.
  • Locking and Non Locking Options

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