The majority of plantar plate injuries are treated with traditional lesser MTPJ rebalancing procedures, including sequential release of soft tissue, tendon transfers, metatarsal osteotomies, and temporary MTPJ pinning. These approaches, while quick and inexpensive, do not address the underlying issues of loss of toe purchase and the  high incidence of reoccurrence often associated with performing an indirect repair. Direct repair of the plantar plate with Arthrex’s family of solutions delivers improved patient outcomes and higher patient satisfaction scores. 


Arthrex’s continuous evolution in plantar plate repair has led to the development of a family of products capable of addressing any stage of lesser toe instability, from a partial plantar plate tear with mid-dorsal plane instability to a complete rupture and attenuation of the plantar plate with a crossover toe deformity. Below is the summary of our current offerings:

  • CPR™ System With the Mini Scorpion™ and Pigtail Lasso Suture Passer
  • CPR System With the Viper™ Suture Passer
  • CPR System With the Forefoot InternalBrace™ Repair

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