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    • Biocartilage 0 small
      • BioCartilage extracellular matrix was designed to provide a reproducible, simple, and inexpensive method to augment traditional microfracture procedures. BioCartilage matrix is developed from allograft cartilage and contains the extracellular matrix that is native to articular cartilage, including key components such as type II collagen, …
    • Cartiform 0 small
      • Cartiform* viable osteochondral allograft is composed of viable chondrocytes, chondrogenic growth factors, and extracellular matrix proteins. While maintaining an intact cartilage structure, the bony portion of Cartiform viable osteochondral allograft is reduced and the graft is porated to offer unique handling characteristics and simple …
    • Picks 0 small
      • Arthrex Chondro Picks come available in a modular system with an interchangeable handle and varying tip designs or in a non-modular version with an number of tip options.  Various angled tips and shaft configurations allow precise access to most defect sites.
    • Powerpick 0 small
      • The PowerPick and PowerPick XL provide a fast and easy method for performing microfracture procedures using the APS II Shaver System. The PowerPick has a drill depth of 4 mm and the PowerPick XL's drill depth is 6 mm. This additional 2 mm depth allows for adequate penetration into subchondral bone when perpendicular position of the drill tip is …